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Document management for accountants

Docutiva's batch upload features were created specifically for accountants to make it easy to distribute, store and manage client documentation and to streamline collaboration such as tasks and issue tracking.

Online document management

With Docutiva, each client is given a private workspace in which to store account documentation such as company registration documents, reports, accounts, financials and tax returns. Clients can login at any time to upload or download documentation from their workspace and to collaborate with their accounts team.

By getting clients to upload copies of their invoices, expenses, account summaries and spreadsheets to their document repository, your team has access to everything they need in one place while working on client accounts.

Batch document uploads

Our batch processing features are an industry first. Instead of having to manually upload documents into each client workspace, you can upload a single ZIP archive containing documents for multiple clients. Using a workspace alias (reference ID) in front of the filename, the system identifies the correct workspace and upload files to where they need to go. After upload, each client receives an email describing the new upload. Our batch routines make online document management simple, fast and secure.

Batch create workspaces and users

Accountants tend to have a fairly constant stream of new clients and therefore need to create new accounts on a regular basis. Our batch routines provide an import facility that lets you create multiple accounts, workspace and users in a single process by uploading a simple CSV file.

Manage client tasks and issues

Using task tickets, you can issue requests to clients within the context of their workspace. This can be used to request missing invoices or expenses, or to have them return a signed contract. Managing tasks in this way makes it easy to manage accounts and distribute tasks across your team when staff are out the office.

Benefits of secure document management

Docutiva adds value to your service by giving clients immediate access to their documentation, freeing your team up to concentrate on their daily workload. Centralising task management means you can re-assign tasks to other team members when a team member is out the office. Transmitting sensitive data via email is not secure and risks having data compromised. Docutiva uses 128-bit SSL encryption to make sure data is transmitted securely.

Docutiva is a secure online document management system for accountants. Give clients access to their account documentation and cut down the amount of time your staff take to answer requests for information. Atlas is a global provider of world-class corporate services. Atlas manages onshore and offshore companies, trusts and business structures. Schuss & Co specialises in the provision of company formation and administrative services of offshore companies. If you operate internationally and require an offshore company to better structure your corporate needs, Schuss will provide a service package to suit.