Management Team

Docutiva is a product of Archeris Limited, and consists of a small but growing team of specialists with vast industry experience in building rich online business applications.

Calan Horsman

Calan studied economics and business before being bitten by the web and has been consumed by internet projects since 1997. A former CTO of Resolution Media and Medicexchange PLC, Calan has vast experience in building and managing online projects for clients such as Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Sony Ericsson.

Ollie Maitland

Ollie completed a joint honours in economics and engineering at the London School of Economics and University College London. Ollie is a software architect and an expert in delivering business and enterprise grade applications from recruitment software and customer relationship management to data collection and warehousing.

Duncan Webster

Duncan studied mathematics at Imperial College London. A former business analyst at Acturis, Duncan’s knowledge and experience with enterprise document management and compliance makes him a valuable asset in our business development team.

Haim Bener

Haim has a B.Sc Electronic Engineering and an M.Sc Information Systems Engineering from Tel Aviv University. He is a senior software engineer and technical architect with 11 years experience building web applications. Haim has architected large-scale imaging systems and has developed CRM, CMS and billing systems for companies including Orange, Vizumi, Top Table and the Playshare Group.

Kate Laforet

Kate studied mathematics at Imperial College London and has extensive experience with large financial systems. Through Accenture, Kate has worked on prestigious projects with clients including RBS, ABN Amro, Lloyds and VISA. Kate’s test and defect management background ensures our software has been through extensive quality assurance and is both usable and intuitive.

Lachlan James

Lachlan is a senior web developer who has built enterprise web applications for a number of financial sector clients, including RBS, DrKW, Beazley Insurance, and Marshall Wace. Lachlan has vast experience with content and financial management systems, large-scale mobile applications and data storage.