Powerful features with a familiar feel

Built using the Microsoft ASP.Net framework, Docutiva's powerful workspace, document and task management features provide a familiar feel that is easy to use and understand.

Client workspaces

Client Workspaces

Each of your clients is assigned to one or more of their own private workspaces. Within their workspace, they can upload and store documents, create and assign tasks or requests to the workspace team, and view activity across the workspace.

Administrators can easily switch between clients to manage accounts, respond to queries, or upload new documents, either into individual workspaces or across multiple clients using batch routines.

Client Document Storage

Client Documents

Creating new folders, uploading, moving, dragging and managing documents are all intuitive tasks thanks to an advanced user interface that offers a familiar Windows-like feel understood by every user.

Our batch file upload is the most advanced of its kind, letting you upload client-specific documents across any number of workspaces in a single step. By using an intelligent file naming convention that integrates with your internal file creation systems, we can identify where a file belongs and upload it straight into the correct workspace. Going a step further, you can even upload documents across clients into specific workspace folders.

Task management

Create Task

Rather than using unwieldy email strings, Docutiva provides a ticket system for managing tasks bi-directionally between you and your clients. If you require information or a document from a client, simply create a task ticket and assign it to them, within the context of their workspace. Docutiva provides an audit trail of communication between your team and your clients. You no longer need to hunt through emails or recorded messages to track requests or find archived documents.

When a member of staff is out the office, simply re-assign their tickets to someone else, ensuring clients receive a response as quickly as possible without communication being lost in their inbox.

Task List

User dashboards

User Dashboard

User dashboards display an activity history listing everything that has happened within the workspace. This lets users easily navigate to items requiring their attention and provides a snapshot of what has happened since their last login.

The workspace history also provides an audit trail of activity and makes it easy to see who carried out a task. This makes it easy to track past requests and to contact relevant account managers.

Multi-level users

Multi-level Users

Docutiva supports administrators, managers and workspace users, each with different levels of permissions and rights. New users, accounts and workspaces can be created using powerful batch procedures by importing a simple CSV file.

Administrators can configure global settings and can switch between all client workspaces, while standard workspace users can only view workspaces to which they have been assigned.

Powerful search engine

Powerful Search Engine

Our lightning fast free-text search lets you find tasks, documents or client communication across all system content using keywords. You can search using exact matches or match your search against similar search phrases. The search engine makes it easy to find any content within the context of your client accounts.